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Spices Powder

The range of Spice Powders includes the powder of cumin, coriander, black pepper and others. These are the essential parts of Indian cuisines, which should be consumed in a moderation for gaining its numerous health benefits. The spices offered are extremely aromatic and boats of a refreshing taste. Their addition in curries can bestow spark to a flat dish. Spice Powders are the diabetes-friendly flavors, offered with insulin resistance. Not just taste, they also provide an appealing color to the dishes. These edibles of aromatic bark as well as natural color are also responsible for boosting your immune.

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Red Chilli

Price: 1 INR

The Red Chilli Powder is a must for zesty ethnic foods such as Mexican tacos as well as Indian curries. This red spice has the concentration of capsaicin and does more than a pack of flavor punch. Offered anti-inflammatory agent helps to decrease the swelling of sore joints and increases blood flow. The Chili powder is used to cook several different cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, Indian, Korean, and Tex-Mex. It is made to add flavor as well as pungency to several cuisines and dishes. This is capable provided a good eyesight and functions as a natural pain reliever.

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Coriander Powder

Price: 1 INR

Coriander Powder is the Dhania powder of rich as well as piquant aroma. It is extremely beneficial for ayurvedic medicines as well as culinary preparations. Rarely an Indian dish survives with the non-existence of this powder. This is a high-quality flavoring agent that can be creatively used in sausages, stews, cakes and sweet breads. Coriander Powder is an exclusive Indian spice that is also used in the Pakistani, European, Chinese and Middle-East culinary preparations. This is also useful for spicing stews, condiments, pickles, chutneys, curries and sausages. It is a carminative and anti-flatulent spice that is easily digestive.

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Black Pepper Powder

Price: 1 INR

The pinch of Black Pepper Powder works as an intact flavor enhancer. This is known as the king of spices and proffers a wide number of health benefits. This powder has an excellent depth of flavor and can be included in all types of dishes. Offered spice helps to cure sinus, tonsils, nasal congestion and asthma. Black Pepper Powder facilitates digestion. Black Pepper Powder has an expectorant property and has the capacity to clear the respiratory tract. Black Pepper Powder is offered with a natural irritant quality and provides relief in sneezing & coughing. Have it in your home-made concoction and reap its all curative properties.

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Cumin Powder

Price: 1 INR

Offered Cumin Powder is an exclusive spice that is necessary to the Indian kitchen. This popular ingredient is popular in the cuisines of South Asia, Latin America and North Africa. It is richly aromatic and works as a great anti-congestive as well as expectorant that eliminates the blockage of upper respiratory tract. The Cumin Powder is a very good digestive source that stimulates the digestive as well as the excretory systems. Its intake in moderate amont enbales the secretion of digestive enzymes so as to aid in the digestion of food. This spice powder bestows a dintictive flavour to dishes and prevents flatulence and gas formation.

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Turmeric Powder

Price: 1 INR

Rarely a Indian cuisine exits, which is deprived of Turmeric Powder. This Indian spice provides yellow color to curries. This also work as a medicinal herb, which cure the wounds speedily. It has compound of several medicinal properties and contains curcumin as its main ingredient. Included with many powerful anti-inflammatory effects, the antioxidant can treat several chronic attacks. Turmeric Powder is the staple of several Indian recopies such as curry, rajma, chole, dal tadka etc. Its pinch is a must for all subzi and snacks, in need of yellow color.


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